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Sweet Lamb

No I don't need drama, so I'm walking away Yeah I am a girl that you lost.....

30 July
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Hello stranger!
you're visiting my personal journal, sweetlambn_n.
If you are looking for any of my graphics then you should go to mushaboom_art.
Now about me! I'm Luna and I love making icons/graphics, it keeps me sane (haha..) & makes me feel so much better after a stressful day. I love music, it's one of the most amaizing things to ever happen on earth. I love movies, books, & reading. My fav book series are the Harry Potter and Twilight Saga.
If you think we have things in common then leave a comment and if we do I'll add you back asap :)
Just one more thing dont friend me for my graphics, please.♥

my favs.
Actor - Clint Eastwood
Actress - Meryl Streep
Animal - Cat
Band - Coldplay
Book - The Odyssey
Color - Green
Drink - Coke
Fastfood - Burger King
Football Team - Manchester United
Game - Super Mario Bros :P
Movie - Spirit Away
Poet - Javier Garcia Lorca
Season - Summer/winter
Singer - Sia
Song - O Children
TVshow - The Big Bang Theory